Thursday, March 3, 2011

Scummy Street Market Near Olympic.

This was a creepy-looking place, even in the day. I lived nearby for a while, but always avoided it. At night time it looked like something out of a grey Dickensian nightmare, hovels and slime and rats abounding. Soon after the picture of the grumpy-looking seller was taken, in February 2009, the municipality moved the market to a new location. The picture is of one of the nicer areas of the market, there don’t seem to be any greasy shacks with gizzards hanging off them nearby. A friend took it, as I didn’t go there.It was on St.318, a couple of streets south of Olympic market.
The new market was built over the rather polluted drainage canal that runs south from the smelly pond at the southeast corner of Olympic Stadium. There are a couple of pictures from when it was being constructed in early 2009, and one of it in business in November 2010. It's on St. 310, near the huge Chinese school.