Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ramshackle Houses

These are a few of the more tattered-looking houses around the Chak Angre Leu area on the southern edge of the city. Some of these may have looked like normal-enough traditional abodes at one stage, but years of wear and tear, jerrybuilt repairs and extensions have left them in a rather sorry state.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

An Improvement on Post Office Square.

This site on the corner of Streets 102 and 13 previously had a very unremarkable and plain looking building on it. The only reason I had a picture of it at all was because a friend visiting in 2006 took a picture of the two Jeeps in front of it. The cars are still around, often parked in the same area, but the building was demolished a year or two back.
The new building that has replaced it is neo-colonial style, and could be better. One feature that stands out particularly are the curved concrete protrusions above the windows which are a little ugly in my opinion. However, it is certainly an improvement, and more in keeping with the look of the other older buildings around the square. It seems like the architects have tried to replicate most of the features of the old Post Office building opposite.