Monday, February 27, 2012

Hun Sen Radar Tower

I first noticed this odd-shaped structure being built at the southern end of Monivong Boulevard about 6 months back. As it is being built in the Department of Water Resources Management and Conservation's compound, I imagined it might be a water tower. Some time later I was talking to a soldier in the neighborhood who told me it was going to be Hun Sen's Radar Tower. I took this to be some sort of mistranslation, but then found out it was true. At first I presumed that it was for national defense, but the truth is more ordinary. It's a weather radar tower, the giant glass ball which will go on top is typical of one, although the design of the building is a lot more elaborate than any others I've seen in pictures. It will be 60 meters high once the ball goes up and should stand out as one of the more unusual landmarks around the city.