Sunday, May 9, 2010

Olympic Stadium.

This was designed by eminent Cambodian architect Van Molyvann and completed in 1964. The first few pictures show the huge pond which was originally in front of it, and crowds at its inauguration.
One picture shows the stadium in around 1974, when it was used as a camp for republican soldiers and their families.
The black and white ones show Khmer Rouge troops parading in front of the stadium after their victory, Pol Pot in one picture and then Nuon Chea and Ieng Sary, members of the Khmer Rouge leadership.
Another picture shows Raoul Jenner, a political analyst on the terraces of a rather run-down stadium in the early 1990s. The last picture shows the stadium dressed up for the 2009 World Disabled Volleyball Cup. In recent years the stadium has been painted and kept fairly well, although it's not difficult to see where improvements could be made.


cloche-hat said...

Here is colour footage of the July 1975 Khmer Rouge military parade at the stadium, to mark the unification of all the regional forces into a national army.

(The Eyes of the Pineapple)

phnompenhpast said...

I'll check that out later when I have a bit more time thanks. I grabbed those pictures from a French documentary that wasn't the greatest quality.

Anonymous said...

As the Buddhist monk predicted:
A darkenss will settle on the people of Cambodia, there will be houses but no people in them, roads with no travellers upon them, the land will be ruled by barbarians with no religion, blood will run so deep as to touch the belly of the elephant, only the deaf and the mute will survive".
This rally was at the beginning. Look at the faces and try understand the spirit that possed them. It was time of hell on earth for the Cambodian people. Godlessness ruled and see what happened. Life without God is death.

Sreinith Ten said...

Hi, I am wondering if I can use some of these photos for our online publication, and am wondering what is the best way to provide appropriate photo courtesy. Thank you.