Monday, January 3, 2011

The Nicest House in Cambodia.

I’m sure many residents and visitors have noticed this fairy-tale style abode just off the main road on the east side of the Chrouy Changva Bridge. Far enough away from national route 6A to have avoided the recent widening of the road, it sits in a swamp, sometimes completely cut off by floodwaters. It’s one of the last rural scenes anyone will see before they hit the bridge and the big smoke beyond. It’s unusually ornate for a Cambodian house, but I have seen similarly painted homes.
As an update (October 2011) I should mention that this house no longer exists, it was demolished to build the connecting road for the new bridge. On the site are now a few workers huts, and the wetland is also due to be developed. 

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Spring Valley Resort (Kep, Cambodia) said...

Cool choice!! I know where exactly it is and have noticed it since 5-10 years ago from only wood. :)) And thanks for the article '1925 Urbanisation Plan'. ^^