Saturday, September 17, 2011

Independence Monument

This iconic structure was designed by the eminent Van Mollyvann and built in the late 1950s, and inaugurated in 1961. Although it was built to commemorate Cambodia's 1953 independence from France, it has also serves as monument to the war dead. A decade ago it seemed forlorn and abandoned, but in recent years it has had something of a make-over, with new trees and fountains with colored lights added. Unfortunately it was at the same time closed to the public, and is only open for officials at ceremonies. The pictures from its early years show it being a gray concrete color rather than the laterite red we are now more familiar with.  The first picture showing construction is dated 1960, but may be earlier, the second 1961, the night shot is recent and the bottom one is a humorous Christmas card from a few years back. The first two pictures are from: 

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