Saturday, May 19, 2012

Around Town

Lux Cinema

Lycee Sisowath

A house on Monivong in 1946

The monument to the dead that once stood in the park in front of the French Embassy. The elephant heads around the base were recovered and can now be seen in front of the National Museum.

Another city view from 1946.


Unknown said...

ive always been facinated by that monument to the war dead in front of the french embasy it was blown up by the kr in 75 right?
and one qustion off topic do you know if the big bells outside the musiem are from the notre dame cathrdreal that was near hotel la royal?

phnompenhpast said...

As far as I know the monument was destroyed then. The bells are from the cathedral, they were found in the lake behind where it once stood.

Anonymous said...

thanks i read the same about the bells
the only mention of the cathedrel from pol pot was in the book pol pot plans the future have you got any other info,stories,pitures,acounts of it being taken apart?

phnompenhpast said...

Yes, I'll post the sources later. I took a lot of pictures of the bells and the remains of the war monument today so I'll post them soon.

Anonymous said...

cheers cant wait great job