Thursday, December 20, 2012

US Embassy 1965

On the 26th April 1965 the US Embassy street was stormed by a mob of 20,000 Cambodian students. They hurled rocks, ink bottles and other missiles at the building and ripped down the American flag. Authorities said the demonstration was touched off by U.S. cross-border air attacks that had killed Cambodian citizens and by a slanderous article about Prince Sihanouk and his wife Monique in the April 5th issue of Newsweek magazine. The photos show the embassy, and the crowds outside in 1965. Cambodia broke off diplomatic relations with the US on the 3rd May.
The bottom pictures show the building as it is in 2012, and the USOM (United States Operations Mission) building opposite which can be seen behind the crowd in the 1965 picture. The buildings are located on 126 Street and the one which has had a recent makeover was previously posted about Here

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